Corporate IT: A New Normal?


Through their experience of operating in the difficult situation created by the COVID-19 virus many organisations have discovered that wide scale remote working is possible.  Indeed, such is the magnitude of this, that a good number of these will wish to continue working in this way, at least to a greater extent than ever before, once the current crisis has passed.

However, whilst Cloud based computing and access to corporate systems via home broadband internet networks have enabled remote working, they were to a great extent known to work effectively beforehand.  It was more a question of whether this would scale and would there be sufficient capacity to cope – thankfully the answer has generally been ‘yes’.  What has been more illuminating are some of the challenges the situation has driven to the surface:

  • Availability of and access to corporate data, especially to siloed application specific data.  Executives can’t get answers to new questions and users don’t have permission to access the data.  They don’t know where to get access from (“who do I ask”) or whether permission is even possible.  Once they get it they don’t know how to access it; what is the structure and format, what tools are needed for that particular data?  More fundamentally they may in some cases not even know the data exists.  These points apply to a single application’s data, but they multiply when integrated, where cross-organisation data is needed, or where data needs to be integrated with commercially available data streams.
  • The need to develop applications quickly.  In a remote working situation access to business analysts, project managers and development resources becomes a whole lot harder.  Even once this way of working becomes embedded, there remain challenges, for example the cost of these IT resources.  If anything, remote working requires more instant access to development resource, as other support systems provided by colleagues and access to manual processes are less available and inherently less effective.

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