Corporate IT: A New Normal?


The IT challenges and opportunities of COVID 19

Through their experience of operating in the difficult situation created by the COVID-19 virus many organisations have discovered that wide-scale remote working is not only possible, but desirable.  Some surveys suggest that almost half of employees are in no rush to return, and many want to continue to work remotely, at least a part of the time. Employers are seeing an opportunity to increase productivity, cut office-based costs and improve employee satisfaction.

Secure access to Cloud-based corporate systems and collaboration tools such as MS Teams and Zoom via home broadband have enabled remote working. These are mature tools and COVID-19 has accelerated their adoption. ISP’s and mobile operators have largely adjusted to the changed pattern of demand imposed by remote working. But businesses and IT organisations have had to face two major challenges beyond access, scaling, performance and compliance:

  • Increased access to corporate data, especially to silo’d application-specific data.  Employees and executives struggle to get answers to new questions the exceptional circumstances dictate – and users don’t have access to all essential data.  They may not know who to ask, or whether permission is even possible.  If they get permission they may not know how to access it, what the structure and format is, what tools are available, or needed. More fundamentally, they may not know the data exists.  The more fragmented the data across business units & functions, systems and external partners, the more challenge this is.
  • Automating processes and developing new integrations .  With remote working, there comes a need to quickly fix, integrate and develop new applications. Manual and fragmented processes are no longer viable. Delivery time frames compress from weeks and months to hours and days. But access to business analysts, project managers and development resources becomes a whole lot harder.  Cost is no longer the primary driver and responsiveness, agility and effectiveness also come to the fore. The adoption of automated workflows and AI bots is now a priority.

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