Part 1: the remote-working business challenge

Has there ever been a better time to automate everything?

This is the first of a three-part series on Cloud-based integration in response to the ‘New Normal’ of IT. In this post, we look at the business case and benefits of using the latest technology to automate everything, cloud-based or on-premise. In the second, we take a closer look at the leading cloud integration solution from Microsoft – Microsoft Logic Apps. And in the third, we present a case study built using Logic Apps designed to automate student onboarding in the Education sector.

The COVID19 Business Challenge

Remote working has accelerated the trend to the Cloud and most organisations now have a hybrid mix of cloud and on-premise systems.

Financial pressures demand increased staff productivity, greater operational transparency, open data sharing and increased responsiveness and agility.

The time is right to take a fresh look at your systems integration strategy and the tools available to automate everything.

Existing technical solutions can be complex and expensive

Traditional point to point and middleware integration solutions can be expensive, complex and require technical expertise to implement and operate. They do a great job for large enterprises and core, high volume system integrations. But they are not cost-effective or practical for small and medium-sized organisations or lower volume transactions.

The solution? Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

A new generation of tools known as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solves this problem. They are cloud-based and offer a service-based pricing model to bring end-to-end process automation to most systems and all enterprises – small, medium and large.

Automate everything with Microsoft’s Logic Apps

The market leader in automation is Microsoft’s Logic Apps, a part of their Azure cloud offering. It supports Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid integrations and it requires no coding. Available on a ‘pay per use’ basis, Logic Apps is cost-effective, powerful and flexible. There are over 200 ‘out of the box’ connectors for popular apps to accelerate configuration. Others are easy to build.

What business value can automate everything deliver?

Time and cost savings by eliminating manual processes and errors, replacing costly legacy integration tools and focusing IT resources on strategic activities;

Improved Agility to keep critical business and financial information up-to-date and make better business decisions;

Greater Visibility into the data flowing through the business to proactively manage processes, reduce and avoid errors;

Higher Efficiency by connecting disparate and siloed applications and improving processes across functions within and outside the organisation, including partners;

Improved Security and lower risk by reducing Excel usage and local ad-hoc file transfer and complying with existing security policies.

Want to know more about automating everything?

Read Part Two and Part Three in our series on automation – Keep Calm and Automate Everything!

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