C-BIA Consulting Ltd Receives First Client Review on Clutch

Nowadays, the smart use of cloud technologies, big data, and advanced analytics play a crucical role in helping businesses adapt and scale. Whether you’re in a niche industry or a highly competitive market, having intelligent solutions for your needs can tremendously help improve your operations and meet challenging business and new user needs.

At C-BIA Consulting we want to help you accelerate your business through the smart use of your existing applications and data. Founded in 2006 as Genisys Consulting, our company has gone through highs and lows with partners that believe in our capabilities. We are a London-based team that has had the privelege of working with clients such as Wellcome, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and the University of Oxford.

We’re genuinely excited to share with you our first-ever client review on Clutch!

Clutch is an independent B2B review and market research platform designed to equip browsers with helpful industry insights. The site publishes truthful and data-driven content encompassing the IT, design, marketing, and business services markets.

Debut Review

Last month, an analyst from Clutch personally interviewed Mark Bramwell, the CIO of Saïd Business School, to gather his feedback regarding our ongoing IT relationship. We’ve been working with Saïd for more than five years now, serving as their official Microsoft development and integration partner.

Since 2017, we’ve created solutions that help improve their operational and business intelligence capabilities. We’ve utilised the power of APIs to integrate several internal systems. And we currently provide support under our Flexible IT Support Service for a portfolio of their systems for Azure, Tableau, SLATE and other systems.

We are very grateful to Mark and Saïd Business School for taking the time to leave us their insights. It’s been a great pleasure for us to help them innovate and grow over the last few years.

When asked ‘What did you find most impressive about them?’ Mark replied…

“I think C-BIA’s openness and honesty are notable. There is always total transparency when things are not going well and they hold themselves accountable, especially when deliverables are late. The C-BIA is very proactive in highlighting risks and suggesting risk mitigation efforts that can be taken.” — Mark Bramwell, CIO of  Saïd Business School

PS You can find out more about how we keep Mark informed in this post on our unique approach to reporting.

We enjoy working for challenging clients like Saïd. And in a true partnership where both sides accept that needs can quickly change and neither party always get it right. You can see our company profile and the complete review on Clutch here. You too can leave a review on Clutch and we’d be very grateful if you did!

It’s incredible projects like this are the reason why we’re listed among the top-performing software developers in the UK. We couldn’t be more grateful for our clients and thank them all for loyalty and empowering support.

So let’s get down to business in 2022, Keep Calm and Automate Everything! You too can leave a review on Clutch.