The C-BIA online DATASPRINT workshop

c-bia datasprint workshop

‘Finding business value with Data Analytics is like looking for a  needle in a haystack. Even finding the haystack can seem a challenge!’

The new online C-BIA DATASPRINT™ workshop identifies and prioritises the compelling business-driven use cases that can be answered with your data.

We help you idenentify and  prioritise business use cases, then help plan and deliver on these top priorities.

And best of all? It is now available online!

Why run a DATASPRINT™ workshop?

There are several reasons to consider an online DATASPRINT workshop, including:

  1. Develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) or a business case for investment in big data & analytics,
  2. Identify ‘quick wins’ to prove the value of existing data and how it can generate strategic and operational insight to grow the business,
  3. Bring business and technical teams together to focus and combine perspectives, ensure the business ‘drives’ technical investments,
  4. Build upon early success with data analytics and quickly introduce to other business functions and units,
  5. Incorporate internal data with publicly available external data to deliver new business  insights,
  6. Engage external analytical and domain talent not available internally.

Who should attend?

Executives, managers or technical staff keen to improve the use of their data to grow and inform business decsions.

Business Benefits?

  1. Outputs from the workshop are business-driven (pull) rather than technology-driven (push),
  2. It’s a no-risk way to overcome internal indecision and inertia,
  3. Providea access to expert facilitation and data analytics expertise, as well as (optional) sector, domain or functional expertise,
  4. It’s Collaborative  and bridges leadership, technical and business users to define a single roadmap,
  5. No investment in technology, skills, platforms or tools required.

Want to know more?

Contact us for a chat and an informal assessment of how an online DATASPRINT™ workshop can help you achieve Business Intelligence Today.