Executive education in Big Data, Advanced Analytics, ML and AI

Data Haystack

Everything you need to know about Big Data, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to exploit your data assets

‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood’ Stephen R. Covey


Much has been said about the potential of big data and related technologies to improve decision-making and efficiency. But early adopters outside of the ‘Data Natives’ (Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.) have struggled to see compelling business results from their investments.Research suggests several reasons for this, from unrealistic expectations to poor application of the technology, from low user engagement to underestimating the cultural impact of moving to a data-driven culture. There are no strategic benefits from big data investment if it is seen as a technology issue and left to IT or data scientists, no matter how well intentioned. Without a common business understanding of this dynamic field the risk of disappointment and failure is significant.

Workshop overview

This highly interactive and engaging workshop is regularly updated and includes many real-world application examples. No technical knowledge is required. It is available in-house in two formats:

  • A half-day version designed as an overview of all the key concepts, technologies and applications of big data, including Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning and many more.
  • A full-day version that builds on the above with an exercise designed to make data science tangible, explore adoption challenges, identify potential business use cases and see what the future holds. 

Who will benefit

Board-level, CxOs, business unit and functional managers from across the business, including IT. Any one participating in or leading a big data project for the first time and needing to better understand the technologies deployed and the rationale for their application.

What will I be able to do after participating?

  • Contribute to a Big Data strategy, focus big data efforts to improve their business value and mitigate risks.
  • Have a business-led but technology-informed dialogue with managers, IT staff, Analysts and Data Scientists.
  • Differentiate between the major types of big data technologies and projects, understand the differences and possible business applications.
  • Positively challenge those directly involved in big data projects to improve and focus what they are doing, icluding value to the business.

Want to Know more?

Download our brochure or call me, Brendan Dunphy, on +44 790 681 6327 or email BrendanD@c-bia.co.uk  for an informal conversation about your needs and pricing. We also offer a brief introduction to these topics and can tailor the content for specific needs – a company awayday, staff meeting or talent development programme.