The C-BIA DATASPRINT™ workshop

c-bia datasprint workshop

‘Finding business value with Data Analytics is like looking for a  needle in a haystack where even finding the haystack seems a challenge!’



The C-BIA DATASPRINT™ workshop identifies and prioritises the compelling BUSINESS USE CASES that can only be answered with the better use of data.

We run our INFORM, ILLUMINATE & INSPIRE model to identify these use cases, deliver answers and surface the constraints you need to address.

You decide the value of the answers and the learning experience and what to do next – PAUSE, REFINE or REPEAT.

Why run a DATASPRINT™ workshop?

  1. Develop a Proof-of-Concept as a part of a business case for big data & analytics investments
  2. Identify ‘quick wins’ to prove the value of existing data
  3. Bring business users & technical teams together
  4. Build upon early success with data analytics and  quickly introduce to new functions and domains
  5. Experiment with external data to deliver new business  insights
  6. Engage external analytical and domain talent not available internally, or benchmark internal delivery capabilities

Who should attend?

Execs, managers and technical staff keen to improve their use of data to drive business value and return on their data-led analytics investments.

Business benefits?

  1. Outputs are business focused (pull) rather than technology (push)
  2. A low-risk way to overcome indecision and inertia
  3. Access to expert facilitation, management and data science/analytics expertise as well as sector, domain or functional expertise
  4. Collaborative – bridges leadership, technical staff and business users
  5. No investment in technology, skills, platforms or tools required

Want to know more?

Contact us or call for a free assessment of how a half-day DATASPRINT™ workshop can help you achieve your business goals with data.