Mohan Bharatia: from insurance to launching a modern data platform!

Mohan Bharatia

Mohan Bharatia leads our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) division based in Pune. He and his team built our CBIA Insights data analytics platform and now configure client and industry solutions. Mohan has 27 plus years’ experience in manufacturing and IT and around 23 years in IT servicing clients across the globe.

Mohan is sought after by our clients to help deliver their data driven strategies. Through automation and outsourcing their data analytics to our modern data platform, he is providing a much needed alternative to existing approaches that often fail to deliver or are costly and complex to maintain.

Prior to CBIA, he was head of the Solutions Office and Consulting Practice for the Insurance business unit in LTI. He led development of LTI’s Insurance products and was responsible for building their Insurance startup ecosystem.

Mohan has also worked in Business transformation across multiple sectors in India, the UK, and the US and been responsible for product development for self-service Management Information Systems (MIS).

CBIA Insight: A Modern Data Platform

Mohan and his team in Pune have developed and launched CBIA Insight, a modern cloud-based data analytics platform delivered as a service. Used by 5 Retail and Financial clients in India and South Korea, it will soon be available in the UK. You can find out more about the advantages of Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) here.

Databrooke: retail fashion analytics as a service

Mohan has recently launched Databrooke, built on the CBIA Insight platform and specifically designed to improve Indian fashion retailer profitability. It automates their sales forecasting, ordering, replenishment and sales planning, issues they struggle with today across the huge Indian market. Customers include luxury watch, lingerie, and accessory manufacturers. And its use is growing across other markets in Asia, including Korea.

And finally….

Mohan loves to travel the world and has 15 countries stamped in his passport. When Covid-19 restrictions end he plans to add more. Until then, he has created 55 portrait sketches of friends and family to stay connected with each, including this one of colleague and friend Pranav Kapadia.

Pranav Kapadia by Mohan