Digital Air101: GE Turns 10 Billion Data Points Into One Super-Efficient Airline

Air Asia


At C-BIA Consulting we build decision support systems for healthcare, education  and research organisations. These systems save money, reduce risk and increase efficiency. Below is a great example of silmilar work from GE, only the sacke is different!

AirAsia – the world’s first digital airline?

It’s an ambitious big data project to potentially transform the efficiency of Air Asia. There are two GE initiatives: one is FlightPlus, a decision-support app for pilots, the other is eFOQA and is focused on airline efficiency.

‘The idea works something like this: A plane traversing the globe over the course of a year will gather 10 billion data points. AirAsia will deploy GE software that can ingest this data deluge and dish out insights that will help the carrier root out waste, lower fuel consumption, cut costs and keep planes flying on time.’

Flight Plus – decision support for pilots

‘A key step involves arming AirAsia’s 2,500 pilots with FlightPulse, a flight data and analytics app GE launched last year. Consider that before every takeoff, pilots must factor in multiple variables to prepare for their journey and select the right plan. They take into account weather, air traffic, the age or size of the aircraft, and other information.’

eFOQA- decision support for management

‘AirAsia plans to leverage insights from data beyond the cockpit and use analytics to help it run its entire fleet more smoothly. At the heart of this plan is a system called eFOQA. This cloud-based service is based on the same high-powered analytics platform as FlightPulse. But whereas FlightPulse is a mobile application that presents an individual pilot’s analytics in a format relevant to the pilot, eFOQA delivers fleetwide data and allows data scientists to build customized analytics to study various aspects across the entire airline. Their job is, as Klooster puts it, “sitting in front of a big desktop screen using large amounts of data from years and years of flights to gain key new insights into the airline’s operation.”

Read more about GE’s project here. Contact us to find out how we can help you develop data-driven decision support for your organisation – we may be a lot cheaper than GE!


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