Chris Worledge: usability, the NHS, .Net Core 6 and tropical fish!

Chris Worledge

Chris joined C-BIA Consulting in London as a software developer in September 2018. He brings a critical engineering mindset, NHS experience and a desire that our applications are modern and as easy to use as possible. He also brings fish….

From Marconi to the NHS and .Net Core 6

Chris has a background in engineering, initially at Marconi Research in Sensors and Instrumentation and subsequently in the NHS. At Mid-Essex hospitals he was first employed as a Biomedical Engineer, then as a Clinical Engineer specialising in Renal Replacement Therapy.

Whilst in the latter role he managed an application for the management and communication of patient treatments. This sparked an interest in computing, resulting in a degree in Computer Science from Anglia Ruskin. This was followed by work both at the university and in several other companies, including our client, Evelina London Children’s Hospital, before joining C-BIA.

Since joining C-BIA, Chris has focused on NHS clients working on both our Paediatric Nursing Care and Laboratory Information Management System projects. He has also developed a ‘Proof-of-Value’ .Net 6 Core application for University examination management. This project is helping both our on and off-shore teams to understand the advantages of .Net6 native applications to deliver on the ‘write once, deliver anywhere’ promise. See Microsoft .Net Core 6: write once, run anywhere? for more on this project.

Applications should be a joy to use!

Chris believes keeping up to date with the latest technologies and strategies is important and spends a lot of his personal time doing just this. He regularly attends Microsoft online conferences and webinars to keep abreast of the latest developments, releases and trends.

He is continually looking to build upon his core technical skills of C#,, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL, HTML, CSS, Java Script, both within the Microsoft and Open source worlds. And he firmly believes that advances in Microsoft .Net as an open-source modern server-side developer platform means that a new generation of highly usable, accessible and performant applications is now possible.

As Chris says, “All modern applications should not be simply usable but rather a joy to use!”

And finally….

Chris has recently qualified as an Analytics Champion for the ‘Data and Analytics Support for Covid-19’ workgroup on the FutureNHS platform. This means he will engage with NHS staff across the country as they seek to improve their data analytics skills and access external analytical capabilities.

When not building usable, accessible, performant applications Chris enjoys gardening and keeps tropical fish.

You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn.