10 July 2020

C-BIA Consulting adds Oracle, Ellucian and Blockchain capabilities

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Pansoft Technologies, a leader in IT, software and consulting. This partnership will extend our portfolio to include Oracle, Ellucian and Blockchain capabilities. This will help meet emerging client needs post COVID 19.

Pansoft’s expertise with Oracle, Ellucian and Blockchain technologies has led it to develop an impressive portfolio of innovative solutions to complex business challenges. These technologies are particularly relevant in the era of COVID 19 remote and distributed working. Solutions include more efficient enterprise resource planning, digital credential compliance through blockchain, and advanced data-driven decision-making.

“There has never been a better time to extend our partnerships. Our clients now demand a wider range of technical capabilities to quickly integrate their core systems and automate business processes meeting the 3 major demands of the COVID 19 ‘new normal’. The partnership with Pansoft will extend our portfolio to meet these challenges. And it will enable us to collaborate to build the next generation of intelligent applications and advanced analytics solutions essential for remote working.”

Brendan Dunphy, CEO

“In partnering with C-BIA, Pansoft will be able to extend its services to clients across the UK and EU. It will also enable us and, simultaneously, our clients gain access to C-BIA’s exceptional knowledge in data science and BI. By combining our expertise in implementing digitised solutions with C-BIA’s data-driven digital products, we will be able to add value to our clients’ businesses by delivering much more intelligent solutions to them.”

Nazim Shaikh, Pansoft CEO
Nazim Shaikh, Pansoft CEO

Download the Press Release. Call or email info@c-bia.co.uk to know more about our relationship with Pansoft Technologies and how we can help you.

This partnership helps to meet the 3 IT demands of the COVID 19 ‘new normal’ – accelerated delivery, increased agility, reduced costs