Brendan Dunphy: customers, partners and an inner geek…

Brendan Dunphy, CEO

Brendan Dunphy has led C-BIA Consulting since 2018.

Prior to joining CBIA, Brendan ran his own consulting business based in Nice, France. He supported telecommunication and other large technology businesses with their annual strategy reviews. He also provided advice on the adoption of emerging technologies and digital strategy formulation.

His background is in computing and IT going way back to the era of mainframe computing. He has experienced a lot of change as computing has evolved into the modern cloud and mobile era. This experience included a spell at Anderson Consulting (now Accenture) as a Director of a technology research lab. He developed his interest in innovation whilst at the labs and post Accenture, and he has created several Internet and data analytics startups.

Customer Relationships First

Brendan’s main focus is developing the business, including new partnerships and opportunities as well as overseeing existing clients and projects. He works closely with local account managers and our CBIA engineering teams based in Mumbai and Pune to make sure we deliver on our customer promise and build strong service relationships, something close to his heart and to the DNA of CBIA.

A focus over the last year has been on developing our services to support the use of data. This is a growing demand in our core health, University and research markets. Examples include our Insights analytics platform developed in Pune, India and the retail fashion analytics solution, Databrooke. Other priorities include building our public sector capabilities and certifications to better compete in public procurements.

Growth through Partnerships

Brendan has established a partnering strategy since joining CBIA and now enjoys productive relationships with Energy House Digital, Digivate, Coevolve, and Pansoft Technologies. Through partnering, CBIA has access to complementary technologies and competence in Oracle, UX, Web design, AI and digital marketing.

The partner portfolio will grow and may include a workflow and social care platform by the end of the year. Partnerships mean we can quickly meet customer needs, and without diluting our core values or focus.

And finally, the inner geek…

Brendan loves hiking in the Southern Alps north of Nice and enjoys regular visits to nearby Italy. He has several bikes and is looking forward to acquiring his first electric mountain bike to extend his decreasing cycling range!

His inner geek can be found online at the Medical Intelligence Society’s GrApHAI workgroup. Here he explores the power of graph technologies to unlock the value of medical knowledge and patient records to improve clinical decision making.

You can connect or follow him on Linkedin or email