Anthony Dent – Consultant, Director & Umpire!

Anthony Dent photo

Anthony Dent is a Director of C-BIA and an IT professional with over of 30 years experience. He has a computer science background specialising in databases, formal development and project management.


He now leads a double life, splitting his time evenly between two major roles. One as a testing and assurance specialist in the energy industry, the other as an IT project and account manager.

His most recent consulting ‘stint’ was 4 years with Smart DCC. Here he led on defect management, test assurance and industry testing as part of the GB Smart Metering Implementation Programme. This programme drives the adoption of second-generation smart meters and generates new data pipelines for the sector and its partners.

Account Manager

Leaving Smart DCC in 2019, Anthony has looked after a number of our customers. Delivering new and upgraded IT solutions and ensuring the smooth and effective delivery of our services. 

He is our account manager for Saïd Business School (SBS) and leads on activities in the Education sector. At SBS, he has recently co-designed and implemented a new collaborative support model. The model is well suited to the financial constraints, dynamic workflow and prioritisation challenges posed by COVID-19. This work involved working closely with the SBS senior IT management and our off-shore team in Mumbai. You can find out about this innovative partnership here. And our views on the impact of COVID-19 19 on UK Higher Education outsourcing here.

Anthony is well-regarded by his clients and colleagues at C-BIA. He is known for his availability, responsiveness and professionalism – key values of our culture here at C-BIA!


Anthony’s other interests include cricket, where he regularly dons the white coat as an ECB qualified umpire. He is a fan of rugby (don’t mention Gloucester!) and enjoys gardening. He lives in Essex with his wife and two adult children.

Don’t hesitate to contact him at with questions.